Live Ticketing Terms



Residents of the territories authorised by the Organising Committees of the specific sporting events are able to purchase tickets for use by those persons during the events only through Kingdom Sports Group’s (KSG’s) website. All purchasers will be required to prove residency of those authorised territories in order to buy and receive tickets.  Purchasers must not resell any tickets for profit or gain or to any unauthorised person or entity including but not limited to scalpers, touts or black market resellers.   Where such tickets are suspected to have been sold, used or otherwise dealt with in breach of the Organising Committee’s rules and regulations and terms and conditions of ticket use, such tickets may be cancelled without notice and the purchaser shall have no claim at either law or in equity against any of KSG, the Organising Committee, the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”), or their respective servants or agents in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever whensoever arising out of or incidental to such cancellation.


All tickets are offered and sold expressly on the basis that the Purchaser has firstly read and agrees to strictly abide and be bound by both KSG's and the Organising Committee's Terms and Conditions of Sale and use of each ticket and by proceeding to purchase a ticket or tickets from KSG the purchaser irrevocably acknowledges and agrees that the purchaser has so read and unconditionally accepts and shall be legally bound by such terms and conditions.


Travel Agents, wholesalers, or any other third party agencies may NOT submit Ticket Orders on behalf of individuals or groups.  KSG reserves the right to cancel, in its sole and absolute discretion any such Ticket Orders at anytime where KSG believes such Ticket orders do not strictly comply with the Organising Committee’s ticketing rules and regulations. KSG will NOT sell to non-authorised residents under any circumstances.


Individual Tickets are sold from an available inventory on a first-come, first-served basis when there is immediate confirmation and payment processing.


There are quantity limitations for individual session tickets. Such limitations will be specified when the ticket sales go live on-line. There will also be a limitation on the number of tickets that can be purchased per individual person as advised on the KSG website.


All ticket purchases are subject to the ticket’s pricing information and ticket availability and the Terms and Conditions relating to such tickets as set out fully on KSG’s website.


The specified Price Category means the assigned ticket price corresponding to a designated seating section for a particular session of a sporting event at a specific Venue. The prices vary from session to session and from Venue to Venue.   Category AA (where available) or category A represents the best seats in a Venue and therefore has the highest price, Category B, the second best seats and second highest price, and so forth in descending order alphabetically.


When choosing Events, you should make sure there is no overlap in time, and allow at least two to three (2-3) hours between Events on the same day. Several Venues are spread through the cities, so when booking tickets please keep in mind adequate travel time between Venues and allow for any other unforeseen delays.


Invoices will be raised in the Games’ country currency where applicable, or in USD. Payments made via direct deposit will be made in the Games’ country currency. Payments will be charged in Australian Dollars for payments via credit card. There shall be a credit card processing fee of 2.2% on all charges paid by credit card. Visa is our preferred credit card. Please note that your credit card will be charged upon confirmation by KSG and not at the time of checkout. If the credit card entered is not valid or is declined, your ticket order will immediately be cancelled without notice of any kind.


All tickets will be shipped for an extra fee per ticket order, which fee is payable in addition to the cost of the tickets. Shipments will be sent to the successful ticket purchasers after ticket collection by KSG from the Organising Committees. Please ensure that you give full and  correct address details with correct numbers and spelling as KSG will not be liable for any non-delivery arising out of any misdescribed address for delivery of tickets. P.O. Boxes are NOT acceptable. The address provided must be a street address where a person over the age of 18 years is present to accept and sign for delivery.


Seating requests between separate Orders cannot be processed. Seat locations will not be known in advance of actual allocation of Tickets.


A Ticket Purchase Confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail upon processing of your order. This will confirm the Tickets purchased and the total price of those tickets inclusive of shipping.


Once a Ticket Purchase Confirmation is issued, the ticket order is final and is non-cancellable and non-refundable, and strictly subject to the Terms and Conditions of sale and use.  Purchasers are strongly advised to ensure that they have and maintain full and comprehensive travel insurance in respect of all aspects of their proposed travel to the Games including in respect of lost or stolen or damaged tickets, which cannot be replaced at any time.


All communication regarding the account will be emailed to the purchaser only. The Purchaser is responsible for keeping KSG fully informed of any changes to the billing, contact, and shipment details provided.


You will have 30 minutes to complete your ticket order. Once submitted your ticket order is FINAL and cannot be modified. All ticket sales are subject to all such rules and regulations as prescribed by each Organising Commitee from time to time.