Benefits for corporate clients and general public


By ordering tickets through Kingdom Sports Group for major international sporting events you can be secure in the knowledge that all tickets are genuine as you are buying from an Authorised Ticket Reseller/Official Ticketing Agent. We also offer you the ability to register, request and purchase tickets on-line using our secure server.

Please note that only clients from officially authorised and approved territories for each event are eligible to purchase event tickets. To be eligible to purchase official tickets, you must be a resident of one of the territories we officially represent as its Authorised Ticket Reseller.

Here are the entities eligible for purchasing tickets:

    -  People holding a current Passport issued by one of the the countries we represent.
    -   Companies registered in one of the countries we represent.
   - Companies having a registered presence in one of the countries we represent.
    -   Sponsors of one of the National Olympic Committees we represent. 

Please note that these criteria only apply for eligibility for tickets sold by us. There is no restriction for clients wishing to purchase travel, accommodation or tours (without tickets) for these major international sporting events.

Kingdom Sports Group travel packages include sports and ceremony tickets (where eligible), flights, transfers, accommodation, tours and associated services for you, your family and friends. Please do not hesitate to contact us for upcoming events like the Olympics and Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, Youth Olympics, Asian Games, Pacific Island Games and similar international sporting events. Further information shall be made available in the ‘‘ticketing and sports tours’’ section of our website as and when different ticketing programs are announced and implemented by the respective event organisers and their governing bodies.