Final release of high demand tickets 

26th June 2012


The last high demand single tickets such as Athletics, Basketball, Diving, Rowing has been launched today.
There are also lots of new tickets to many sessions including day pass tickets for the Olympic Park and Orbit tickets.

In order to purchase an Orbit ticket for the onsite viewing platform at Olympic Park, you need to have a day pass ticket or a ticket to an event. This ticket will last 30 minutes with spectacular views across the whole park.

KSG will process orders based upon the time they are received. There may be a case where you order a ticket and it has been ordered by another client earlier in the day so please be aware that your order is not confirmed until you receive a KSG invoice.

All orders will be charged a credit card at the time of placing the order in Australian dollars, converted at a rate of AU$1.00 = £0.55.

From 23rd July, tickets can only be purchased IN PERSON and payment Via British Pounds cash only to residents and Passport Holders of our 33 territories. You will need to bring your passport or proof of residency to purchase tickets. The Kingdom Sports Group Olympic Games HQ will operate from Crowne Plaza Kensington, 100 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4ER – directly opposite Gloucester Road Tube station. A failure to bring your passport (if you are a national) or proof of residency (if you are a resident) will not allow you access to the ticket purchasing desk.

Should you have any specific questions, you are welcome to email one of our team member at info(at)

Kind regards,

The KSG Team

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